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5 top tips when hiring freelance programmer in 2020

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With these five tips, you can get the best talent for your freelance work, at the best possible rates. 0 Comments In the recent few years, freelance culture has gained popularity. There are several reasons for this from both employer and employee side . For example, freelancers get the flexibility to work on their own terms and do not need to worry about their qualifications as freelancing works on a talent basis. On the other hand, employers can avoid high and fixed costs of permanent employees, as freelancers work at moderate rates. The most benefitted domain from freelancing is startups because they can quickly get their work done without employee commitment. However, hiring freelancers can be a task in itself. If you are looking to hire freelance programmers , we have brought here a simple guide to help you out. Tip 1: Know What You Need to Look For Programming is a diverse field, and you can find talent for every skill. The first thing to take care of, while hiring freelance programmers, is what skills you want in your freelancers. For example, if you want a website for your company, then you will have to look for talents that are good in web development and related skills. The same goes for all other domains. If you do not know much about programming and are clueless about what skills to look for, then there are two options. Ask the Experts: There must be people who have already acquired what you are looking for. By taking their recommendations, you can find the most suitable talent for your work. Do Not Exaggerate: Leave the work to people who know about the domain. Do not put in information or requirements that you do not know about. Tip 2: Look for Recommendations Once you know what you want, the next step is to look for it. Your best freelance destination is recommendations from your group of friends, family, or professionals. Ask them if they know any excellent freelancer that would fit in your requirements. The benefit of this method is that it reduces the risk of hiring an unknown programmer. As your trusted source would be recommending the talent, your efforts will be diminished, and you can trust the person more with their work. Tip 3: Test Before Hiring If you cannot find any recommendations, the next step is to start looking for freelancers online. But as said in the previous step, hiring a random freelance programmer can be risky as you are not sure about their work. Platforms like DevsData can be used to find the required freelancers. However, to be certain about their skills and capabilities, you can create an assignment that they need to complete to get hired. The test assignment should be short but should cover all crucial aspects that you need to look for in a programmer. A few things you can incorporate into it are: Simple questions related to the kind of work you need them to […]

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