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5 Steps to Freelancing for Underemployed Self-Starters

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small business tips If you’re unemployed—or underemployed—you need a roadmap for finding your way toward lucrative opportunities. Despite the current economic situation, there are ways to earn more income or start a new career. All you need is a game plan for highlighting your skills, sourcing high-paying gigs, handling your finances, and becoming your own boss. Define Your Money-Makers Whatever your professional background, you have skills you can develop and market. Typically, the most in-demand skills are web-based such as web development, graphic design, video editing, copywriting, social media marketing, and virtual assistance. And during the recession, working from home may be the best option available. If physical services or products are your forte, it’s still possible to enter the freelance realm. Operating a from-home e-commerce business is easier than ever, so you can create products to sell in the digital marketplace. Or, you can start a service-based business that involves working at customers’ businesses or residences. Focus on Forwarding Movement Being successful as a freelance requires dedication to serving your customers. It also involves a balance between your personal and professional life. Your wellbeing matters just as much as your clients’ satisfaction. One way to ensure your business keeps growing is by enacting a plan to scale your offerings. Part of that plan involves knowing what resources are available to help you get there. Exploring COVID-19 assistance may be instrumental in preserving your success over time. Stock Up on Tools Your talent might be the money-maker. Still, you’ll need at least a few tools to do your job correctly. Requirements vary based on your industry and the service you offer, but you can bet that a speedy computer or laptop and a newer smartphone will be necessities. Additional equipment and tools might be necessary, too. If you’re using video to instruct or communicate with clients, for example, a vlogger-ready camera might be in the cards. For creatives who collaborate with teams, downloading and familiarizing yourself with Skype, Slack, or similar channels will be crucial. Source the Perfect Clients Finding work can be challenging—but there are ways to track down your ideal client and convince them to hire you. The type of client you’re seeking can vary widely depending on your skills, location, and general industry. But the more you know about your perfect client, the better off you’ll be. Sketch out a concept of your “perfect” client. Consider elements like their yearly income, hobbies, ages, family structure, and more. With this well-rounded profile, you’ll have a better idea of where to start casting a net. With your customer profile in mind, you can target consumers who are the best fit for your business. Then, you can craft the perfect marketing messages to entice them to buy. For example, Pew Research offers statistics on what demographics use what sort of site. You can think in terms of urban or rural customers, age, income, other demographic or a combination of aspects, then design outreach based on where people are doing […]

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