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5 Pro-Tips To Present Freelance Skills In A Resume

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As companies started operating remotely , COVID 19 brought forth the importance of freelance skills to work efficiently at home. These skills have become extremely important as the industry trends have changed and employers are looking for professionals who have skills to work independently. Remote work is still new for companies. So as an applicant, you need to focus more on your freelance skills to help recruiters understand that you can work remotely. Also, freelance skills work as a gateway to showcase that you do not need a traditional office space to deliver your expertise. Here is how you can present your freelance skills in a resume: Choose the correct resume format The ready to use resume templates can help you understand the different kinds of resume formats. Under normal circumstances when you are trying to showcase a progressive professional portfolio where you focus more on your recent achievements, a reverse chronological format is ideal. But when you are trying to focus on a particular set of skills in your resume, it is ideal that you choose a functional format. This format allows candidates to make a separate section and focus on a specific set of skills. For instance, check the example below: In the above snippet, we focused on the skills rather than adding statements under the work profile. Leveraging job description The best way to present relevant freelance skills is by extracting keywords from the job description. The skills you hold in high regard may be irrelevant to the profile you are targeting. The job description of the target profile helps you optimize your resume as per the key requirements. For instance, let’s say the profile you are targeting needs you to possess expertise in Zoho Project – a tool for project management teams working remotely. If you are familiar with this tool, you can highlight it to make a job-specific resume and improve your chances of getting hired. Add remote skills As remote jobs are growing, you need to modify your resume as per the trending skills. These skills help recruiters understand your ability to work away from a traditional office space. For instance, skills like telecommunication, time management, and leadership are extremely important as they showcase your expertise to operate independently. Further, add important freelance projects. It will be incredibly helpful in showcasing your freelance skills. Create a skills section Creating a skills section to write your freelance proficiencies will ease the recruiter’s work. Recruiters do not spend more than 6 seconds on a resume, that is why it is ideal to have all your skills in one place. Here are a few general freelance skills that will help you gain a concrete understanding of what to include. Team Collaboration Telecommunication Time Management Project Management Client Interaction Organizational Skills Write a summary Your summary is written at the top of your resume making it the first section that a recruiter notices. Hence, this is an ideal place to showcase your skills as a freelancer. Here […]

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