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3 Key Research Tips for Freelance Writers

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Freelance writers have to cover a lot of ground. One day they could be writing an article about cryptocurrency, and the next they may have to explain website design best practices. This means that freelance writing success has as much to do with quality research as it does effective writing. Indeed, the best copywriters have an in-depth understanding of their subject matter and are able to craft content that resonates with their audience in a meaningful way. On that note, today we’ll outline several key tips that freelance writers can use to conduct better research and, ultimately, write better content. Check it out here: Speak to Your Client Some freelance writers are hesitant to communicate too frequently with their clients. They may be afraid to ask questions or to request more information for fear of looking uninformed. Yet, the reality is that the better you know your clients –– including their needs, preferences, and industry –– the better you’ll be able to complete assignments for them. As such, make it a point to ask follow-up questions to clients and to insist they provide you with the data you need to succeed. Doing this step first will help you remain focused on what matters most. Vet Your Sources The rise of the internet has made it much easier for freelancers to access a lot of quality information for free with the simple click of a button. Unfortunately, not all content online can be trusted. So it’s always wise to vet your sources to verify their credentials. Look for content created by organizations with a lot of experience and positive third-party reviews. For example, if you were to write an article about foot surgery, then a reputable company like Northwest Surgery Center would be a good resource. On the other hand, a brand-new website with no bona fides that claimed to have a miracle cure for foot-pain ailments is probably a source to avoid. Go Beyond the Obvious If all you do to conduct research is enter search terms into Google, then you’re likely selling yourself short. There are many ways to find excellent insights that aren’t readily available online. Depending on the nature of your assignment, you may consider any of the following: Interviewing experts on the subject. Reading published works such as books, magazines, or journals. Conducting firsthand research yourself. Utilizing anecdotal evidence. Accessing public databases or surveys. Conclusion In the end, carrying out extensive research will not only improve the quality of your writing but make your job much easier. Businesses value thorough and detailed content, so use these tips to enhance your research efforts, make more money , and advance your career! Staff writer

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