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10 Ways Freelance Photographers Can Maximize Productivity

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A freelance photographer is responsible for finding new clients, shooting photographs, editing them, and making invoices. These small tasks can impede your productivity. However, you can always make most of your productive hours with these productivity tips and keep earning money by doing what you love to do. 1. Automate Time-Consuming Tasks To become a more productive freelance photographer, you need to streamline all the tasks through automation like email marketing, bidding, and booking. You can utilize various available tools in order to automate these responsibilities. Stop sending emails manually to your prospective clients and automate email marketing. You can try free online web apps like Moosend , Mosaico , BEEFree , Dyspatch , etc. You can also use tools and plugins to automate bookings with features like specifying client location, two-way Google Calendar syncing , and multiple payment options. 2. Create Templates for Frequent Email Communications Do you find yourself writing the same email repeatedly? You can save time by creating customizable templates. These are useful to send to clients at various points in your workflow, such as the introductory email. Once you have reached that workflow segment, find a suitable template. After that, you just need to include the client’s information before sending it. As a result, you can avoid making typos in a hurry and save time by writing new emails each time. 3. Create a Dedicated Workspace While many freelance photographers work from home, you should not end up editing pictures half-lying in bed in most cases. You might be able to get away with working casually in some situations. However, you’ll be tempted to get distracted over time. To be productive, you should have a dedicated workspace. It’s best to use a spare room as your workspace. Alternatively, you can set up a desk in your living room or bedroom. Besides having a dedicated workstation, you also need to stay organized. You should keep your photography equipment in a designated spot so that you can find it easily. Likewise, your desk should be free of any unnecessary items, and the same holds true for your computer desktop. 4. Set Up the Right Systems for Effective Photo Editing In the photography business, editing photos is one of the most time-consuming tasks. If you can spend less time editing, you can utilize that time to do more photoshoots and land new clients. The best method to improve editing efficiency is to edit photographs in large batches. You can also create custom keyboard shortcuts for the most-used editing action. These will save you from thousands of keystrokes during photo editing sessions. 5. Maintain a Calendar Even as a freelancer, you need to maintain a calendar for your schedules. Use apps like Calendly to set meetings and appointments with your clients. Such applications allow you to designate a specific time for meetings. If you are freelancing besides doing a full-time job, these apps will protect your work time and schedule the freelance tasks on the remaining time blocks. […]

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